Healthy and Safe Home

In most homes, there are several sources of potential danger. These include electrical wiring, natural gas leaks and leaks in piping that supply water. It may be coincidental that the very moment occupants of a home leave their residence one of these sources causes a dangerous situation, damages or loss of personal property.

There are several tips for a healthy and safe home that ensures greater confidence whether the home is occupied or unoccupied. These include:

  • Investing in detection equipment for protection
  • Maintaining home equipment in good order
  • Practicing regular home health and safety inspections advised by federal and state agencies.

A Healthy and Safe Home Begins with a Plan

Creating a plan for a healthy and safe home is similar to a business plan. Your home is as much an investment as any business is to a business owner. Take the time to create a plan that offers optimal health and safety and is personalized for your particular type of home, occupants of your home and your home’s location within a community.It is much easier to keep your home healthy and safe once a plan of action is in place. Your plan becomes a checklist that can be referred to regularly.Your plan should include, dates and times of changing batteries on smoke, CO2, heat and radon detectors, as well as changing out filters on heating and cooling equipment.

Add to the plan that your furnace and air conditioning system should be tuned up by professionals at least once every year, preferably before the start of the season in which they are used.

A Healthy Home is a Clean Home

Clutter builds up dust which reduces air quality indoors. Your plan for a healthy and safe home should include annual removal of clutter. Many individuals prepare for spring with a thorough cleaning inside the home and removal of unused or unwanted items most likely to gather dust. Reduce overstocked closets and shelves once or twice a year.Check the basement and attic for clutter too. Recycle stored items to a proper source. Be mindful of removing old paint and oil cans from the home. Dispose of old newspapers and magazines and irreparable computer equipment like monitors, keyboards, mice and wiring jacks. Many towns have special disposal areas for these. More info on Swedish Boverket. 

A Safe Home is a Sanctuary for Relaxation

It’ difficult to relax in a home that needs repair, has worn or damaged electrical wiring or is leaking radon, natural gas or other emissions. Have an electrician check wiring and your natural gas utility check all gas piping for leaks. Keep your detectors fully charged and operating properly. Replace those that are worn or no longer provide accurate sensing.

Federal and State Agencies – The Best Sources for Health and Safety Guides

Your plan for a healthy and safe home should include federal and state agencies that provide guides to maintaining good indoor air quality and additional tips on how to check the status of your home for potential problems. These are found online and should be reviewed for updates regularly.